Ballast Tools Equipment (BTE) designs, builds, sells, and leases high-performance, high-durability specialty equipment for railroad track maintenance and construction. BTE’s machines are used throughout North America and internationally, serving both class 1 railroads, shortlines, and contractors.

BTE recognized that our customers needed equipment with the same performance characteristics of BTI tools: high performance, low maintenance, and above all, dependability. This led to the development of a variety of on and off track railroad maintenance equipment. Since that realization, BTE has drawn on over 30 years of railroad experience to pioneer and develop on-track equipment and add-on components for excavators and backhoes, along with a host of specialty solutions. This includes a range of equipment, from large undercutters (with up to an 18’ cutting length) to powerful tampers and tie handlers to our industry-changing Bridge Repair Consist. All our machines are heavily engineered and field tested to help ensure fast and smooth operation on track.

Today, we offer:

  • High-endurance attachments for major brand construction equipment (backhoes, excavators)
  • Completely built on track machines 
  • Specialty Railroad designed equipment and attachments
  • Buy or Lease options

When speed and performance is critical, time on the track is at a premium, and reliability is not just an option, but a necessity… it pays to have premium equipment to see you through. Our value comes from an attention to detail in designing and building machines that perform—and last.

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Interested in Purchasing or Leasing Equipment?

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