BTE-450F Hi-Rail Backhoe


The BTE-450F Hi-Rail has been equipped for fast and flexible on/off-track travel and work. Offering the most power, reach and lift capacity of any backhoe in our lineup, the BTE-450F Hi-Rail is designed to handle the big jobs both on and off track.  Combined with our complete line of special designed BTE attachments, this is one of the most productive machines in the industry.The BTE-450F Hi-Rail is available for purchase or lease.


The BTE-450F Hi-Rail Machine Features:

  • Multi-button joy stick controls attachments

  • BTE Priority Hydraulic Valving system handles multiple functions at the same time

  • Hydraulic reel with 50 foot hose for hand tools

  • Rototilt system allows 360 degree rotation and 40 degree tilt on all attachments

  • Fully enclosed climate controlled cab

  • Strobe light, battery lockout

  • Cat dealer network for parts and service

  • BTE support for training, parts and service


BTE-450F Hi-Rail Features:

  • System controlled from operators seat

  • Wheels/axles permanently mounted

  • Front axle pivot for increased stability

  • Front and rear wheels retract for complete clearance in off-track mode


The BTE-450F Hi-Rail has been specifically been modified for a range of railroad maintenance attachments:

  • High performance BTE Undercutter with 9 foot bar

  • BTE Tamper, 4 tool, 2 basket

  • BTE Tie Head with carbide fingers

  • BTE Tube Talon for TKO style tie removal

  • BTE Cribbing Bucket

  • BTE Ditching Bucket

  • Multi-Stand, carry and store attachments


The BTE-450F Hi-Rail Loader IT attachments include:

  • Quick coupler front bucket

  • Front bucket snow scoop

  • High capacity quick coupler front forks

  • Two stage snow blower with wireless control


BTE-450F Hi-Rail Control System features and advantages:

  • Operator friendly work tool Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) mounted in cab with large LCD color interface

  • Attachment recognition system sets hydraulic flow and pressure

  • Auto tamp mode allows easy one button multi-squeeze tamping action

  • Rototilt rotation speed adjustment for operators preference

  • PLC fault codes, safety enhancements and warnings

  • Operator PLC feedback messages for operation and trouble-shooting

Width (Transport Position)8’-0”
Width (Operating Position)13’-4”
Weight32,000lbs /16 Tons
Engine TypeCAT C4.4 Turbo Charged Diesel
Emmison RatingTier 4 Inerim
Horsepower (Net)HP 128
Horsepower (Gross)HP 144
Hydrolic Oil Tank13.2 Gallon
Fuel Tank44 Gallon
Extend-A-Hoe ReachOver 26 Ft
Front Bucket Lift Capacity7,800 lbs. / 1.75 cubic yds.

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