BTE 318 Hi-Railed Wheeled ExcavatorBTE 318



An Integrated Approach to M.O.W. Design

  318 Excavator  

The 166-horsepower BTE 318 is purpose-built for MOW needs with higher productivity, greater versatility and increased capabilities. Offering our most complete selection of attachments designed specifically to maximize its capabilities, the 318 can handle just about every job involved in track maintenance and new construction faster and more efficiently than anything else in its class. And, since it’s a wheeled excavator, the 318 works both on and off the track as needed without extra transport equipment!

 318 Integrated Approach

Faster and More Efficient than Anything in its Class!

  318 with undercutter and magnet
 Machine Features: 
• BTE Modified Hi-Rail Wheeled Excavator
• Excavator reach: Approximately 30 feet (9m)
• Travel speed: Approximately 25 MPH (40 km/h) road or rail
• Lower machine center of gravity and dual tire sets provide increased stability
• Front and Rear Outriggers provide stabilization on the ground
• BTE exclusive - optional extended length outriggers for better on-rail stability
• Cruise control and joystick lock out for ease and safety during road traveling
• Rear and Right Side Cameras for improved operator visibility
• BTE joysticks for easy control multi-function attachments
• Priority hydraulic valving to run high performance BTE attachments
• Hydraulic quick couplers for BTE Undercutter, mulcher, snow blower or broom
•  Rototilt system for 360 rotation and 40 tilt on all attachments
• Fully enclosed cab with climate control
• Strobe light, battery lockout
• Caterpillar dealer network for parts and service
• BTE support for training, parts and service

• Increased speed to finish the job faster
• Increased versatility on and off track
• Does the work of multiple machines
• Fewer setup errors and less downtime for repair or setup
• Increased efficiency of operations
• Reduced maintenance leading to lower equipment costs

BTE Exclusive Optional Controls System:
• Operator friendly BTE Smart Screen PLC mounted in cab with LCD color interface
• Attachment recognition (ATR System) automatically sets flows, pressures and joystick settings
• PLC simultaneously monitors multiple conditions of excavator for added safety
• Operator PLC feedback messages for operation and trouble-shooting

   318 with Broom

 BTE 318 utilizes a huge line of attachments


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