BTE Concrete Tie TalonBTE-302380

For CAT 450 or Equivalent

The BTE Concrete Tie Talon has special pads that allow it to extract and insert concrete ties without chipping or cracking. It is ideal for maintenance situations where a mobile, off-track solution is preferable. 

  • Powerful gripper pads for precise operation
  • Special pads specifically for gripping concrete ties
  • Mobile and versatile enough for most tie handling situation 
  • Roto-tilt head allows a full 360 degrees of rotation and 40 degrees of tilt each side
  • Designed with productivity in mind

Rotation of Tie Head360 Degrees
Tilt of Tie Head40 Degrees either of machine
Auxillary Hydraulic Circuits Required(1) One Way - Tilt/Rotate/Open-Close Jaws
Rototilt Hyd. Required20 GPM / 3000 PSI
Weight820 LBS
*Rototilt™ sold separatelyRT40 Rototilt™

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Please reference model number BTE-302380.