The extremely powerful BTE-450 Hi-Rail Backhoe features the high horsepower necessary to undercut effectively. The powerful machine can hi-rail to the jobsite with the handy tool carrier full of attachments to tackle challenging track maintenance and repairs.


This backhoe features a long reach extend-a-hoe and a hose reel to power hydraulic hand tools. The cab-operated BTE Hi-Rail system has a frame-mounted pivoting front axle. The BTE-450’s large capacity front bucket has full range of motion while on rail.







Hi-rail or road travel out to undercut a challenging mud spot, then quickly exchange attachments to tamp or pull switch ties. The BTE-450 has the horsepower, lift capability, and reach to get the job done.


With the exclusive BTE Attachment Recognition System and high-performance attachments, the BTE-450 Hi-Rail Backhoe is a powerful and productive rubber tire solution.


BTE-450 Hi-Rail Powerful Backhoe Features

BTE Hi-Rail Guide Wheel

Drive System

BTE Benefits

  • BTE Heavy Duty Hi-Rail Gear
  • BTE Attachment Priority Valve
  • Caterpillar Power 128 HP (96 kW)
  • Four-foot extend-a-hoe with 26-foot reach
  • Rototilt 360 rotation and tilt attachment coupler
  • Rubber Tire Mobility for Speed and Versatility
  • Front Bucket Lift approx 7,800 pounds, 1.75 yards
  • Sure-Grip Joysticks for multi-function control
  • Caterpillar dealer network for parts and service
  • BTE support for training, parts, and service
  • BTE Hi-Rail Gear controlled from cab
  • Hi-Rail or Road travel approximately 22 mph (35 km/h)
  • BTE Hi-Rail Gear permanently mounted to frame
  • Eight-inch diameter Hi-Rail guide wheels
  • Mechanical lock pins lock Hi-Rail in position
  • Front Hi-Rail Axle Pivot for increased stability
  • Hi-Rail wheels retract for high ground clearance
  • Front Bucket independent of Hi-Rail
  • Rubber Tire Friction Rail Travel and Braking
  • Track Gauge 56.5 Inches (1435 mm)
  • BTE Smart Screen PLC with LCD color interface
  • BTE Attachment Recognition System (ATR)
  • BTE Tough for Productivity and Reliability
  • High horsepower and long reach
  • Ease of operations reduces training costs
  • Flexible on-track and off-track capability
  • Load and Carry Track Materials
  • Outstanding operator ratings and reviews
  • Road travel on Rubber Tires
  • Versatile with innovative BTE Attachments




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BTE-450 Railroad Modified Hi-Rail Backhoe

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