With a travel speed of more than 20 mph on and off rail,

the BTE-M318 Wheeled Hi-Rail Excavator provides

quick mobilization to fight the toughest maintenance areas. Road ready tires allow this powerful machine to be rapidly deployed to numerous maintenance spots with increased speed and efficiency. The high horsepower machine matches precisely to the core BTE attachments, including the Cold Air Blower, Undercutter, and Mulcher.  For added safety, BTE Exclusive Telescoping Outriggers reach to the ballast shoulders when working on rail.


Blowing snow from an off-track position is very effective with

its long reach, Rototilt, and powerful BTE Cold Air Blower.

This allows clearing of multiple switches and tracks from a warm cab and safe position. Keep the machine productive mulching vegetation, undercutting, tie handling, ditching, and tamping. The BTE-M318 is available with an optional air compressor and train car coupler.





Quickly road travel this excavator to diverse locations

and take advantage of its high horsepower and multiple

BTE attachments to keep this machine productive

every day of the year.


BTE-M318 Hi-Rail Wheeled Excavator Features

BTE Hi-Rail Guide Wheel

Drive System

BTE Benefits


  • BTE Hi-Rail Gear controlled from cab
  • Hi-Rail or Road travel maximum 22 mph (35 km/h)
  • BTE Hi-Rail Gear permanently mounted to frame
  • Sixteen-inch diameter Hi-Rail guide wheels
  • Mechanical lock pins lock Hi-Rail in position
  • Front Hi-Rail Axle Pivot for increased stability
  • Hi-Rail wheels retract for high ground clearance
  • Solid Axle and heavy duty Bearings
  • Rubber Tire Friction Rail Travel and Braking
  • Track Gauge 56.5 Inches (1435 mm)
  • BTE Heavy Duty Hi-Rail Gear
  • BTE Attachment Priority Valve
  • Caterpillar Power 169 HP (126 kW)
  • Excavator reach approximately 30 feet (9 m)
  • Rototilt 360 rotation and tilt attachment coupler
  • Rubber Tire Mobility for Speed and Versatility
  • Lower Center of Gravity, Dual Tires for Stability
  • Sure-Grip Joysticks for multi-function control
  • Caterpillar dealer network for parts and service
  • BTE support for training, parts, and service
  • BTE Smart Screen PLC with LCD color interface
  • BTE Attachment Recognition System (ATR)
  • Rototilt function speed adjustment
  • BTE Tough for Productivity and Reliability
  • Road travel on Rubber Tires
  • Multiple Cameras for improved operator visibility
  • Ease of operations reduces training costs
  • Flexible on-track and off-track capability
  • Outstanding operator ratings and reviews
  • Versatile with innovative BTE Attachments


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